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Learn English online using the latest interactive and scientific methods and through a set of educational tools and exercises, subscribe with us now and start studying English from anywhere ...
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English Levels 12 - in presence or ZOOM

Learning the English language now through in presence or ZOOM applicaton with professional trainers starts with you from beginner levels until you reach advanced levels and then to the TOEFL or IELTS preparatory course

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  • Placement test for your real level
  • 12 levels
  • Starting from the basics of the English language to the TOEFL or IELTS
  • Choose the right time for you to study
  • Live courses with highly qualified professional trainers
  • Available in Mobile Application
  • Free English conversation course - one level
Basic Turkish language
100 JD
50 JD

General English Level 1
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 2
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 3
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 4
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 5
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 6
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 7
55 JD
20 JD

General English Level 8
55 JD
20 JD

200 JD
90 JD

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PC Consultants was established in 2008 as a joint stock company with limited liability, from its establishment until now, and it is keeping abreast of the tremendous developments in the field of information technology and computer systems. We at PC.NET aim to serve companies that are always seeking to develop their business by exploiting all means available in the field of information technology. For example, owning a website for any company is the gateway and address of this company to customers. The website is easy to browse and access to the information in a clear way, as well as the possibility of viewing it from all types of browsers (PC, Laptop, IPAD, Mobile) without any difference or problems.

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Why Us ?
Do you have English Language basics, but you want to speak fluently ?
We will help you.
We at the Royal Native’s Community created a new atmosphere for teaching English Language, this atmosphere is based on the simulation of a comprehensive lifestyle of the European society without using the traditional teaching methods; classrooms, papers and pens. In addition to a wide variety of complementary activitiess to strengthen the language acquisition for the members by practicing the accurate English language. We have Started the idea of teaching English for more than 13 years, by developing knowledge and enhancing methodologies to create a pioneer idea for an interactive community in an atmosphere supplied with all required technological equipments to expand the framework of dialogues and discussions to increase members' ability to practice English.

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Amman | Jordan, jabal Al-Hussein, Beside Al-Amal Maternity Hospital, Sa’ad Aldeen Al-Akkad Complex No. 98

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