Jordan Property Magazine

Jordan Property Magazine is a bimonthly English-only publication dealing with real estate development and investment. Jordan Property Magazine has provided a full range of information for its readers since 2006. We cover local and international trends in real estate, finance, technology, and design, as well as important contemporary issues such as the environment and corporate responsibility.

Our motto is responsible journalism. Over the past three years, Jordan Property Magazine has highlighted the need for responsible economic growth, with an emphasis on the need for both the government and the private sector to take a firm stand on environmental issues. 

Sections we cover in every issue: 

v    Local, regional and international news pertaining to real estate, property, business and investments.

v    Interviews with prominent businesspeople from both the public and private sectors.  

v    Features on development projects.

v    Features on international agreements that facilitate business development.

v    Features on public and private initiatives to protect and sustain our environment, as well as the latest trends in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

v    Information on various aspects of the property market such as creating, developing and maintaining investments. 

v    Monthly updates on various local and regional investment projects.

v    News and reviews of the latest trends in interior design, gadgets, and more.

Our Reach:

Up to 5,000 copies, including 1,500 subscribers and 1,500 complimentary copies of Jordan Property Magazine are printed and distributed on a monthly basis. The magazine is available through our distribution channels including bookshops and magazine outlets and a significant number of copies are distributed directly to VIPs, leading banks, hotels, airlines, investment companies and land development projects around the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. You can also see us at our website

Target Readers:

Jordan Property Magazine addresses professionals with a vested interest in land development and investment, both local and international, as well as decision makers in various sectors. These are individuals with a focus on development projects and market trends within the region. Jordan Property Magazine focuses on the conscientious consumer who is interested in up-to-date developments in the market while still being aware of the environment that surrounds us.

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