Umniah Financial Investments

Umniah Financial Investments Company is a Limited Liability Company established to act in accordance with the Noble Islamic Shari’a, and recorded at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under registration number (12943) on September 8th, 2006 as a financial services company, and got the license to commence its work from the Jordan Securities Commission on April 3rd, 2008 with a paid-up capital of 1.25 million JD, (1.76 million U.S Dollars). The main purpose for the company is to work as a financial broker in the Amman Stock Exchange through buying and selling securities for the company itself and its customers.

In a relatively short time since its establishment, the company gained reputable and professional ranking in its practices due to its expertise and qualified staff. The brokerage department offers financial services with accurately implementation, speed performance, and commitment to confidentiality. Furthermore, Umniah has competitive advantage over its competitors by having access to updated information about Amman exchange market news and disclosures, as well as committed to staying connected with its customers in very innovative mechanism.

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