International Financial Advisor

For of development in the Jordanian capital market warranted the establishment of brokerage firms to keep pace with these developments, where a group of businessmen and Jordanian investors the prospects of establishing a company for financial services and investment in 2005 as a limited liability company.

The company was able to prove its presence in the Amman Stock Exchange and in view of the ambitious plans it has assumed the leading centers between the companies operating in the market as well as diversify its activities and services provided to its customers and attract the largest number of clients from all groups and nationalities were held in 2007 a strategic partnership with Kuwait Invest Holding Company joining the company with broaden the base of partners and increase the company's capital to become (6) million Jordanian dinars and change the company name to read (International Financial Advisors) and the registration of the trademark IFA Financial Services on behalf of the company.


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